May 21, 2022


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Donald Caspar (1927–2021) –

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Credit rating: AIP Emilio Segrè Seen Archives, Physics Right now Assortment

Donald Caspar outlined The guidelines that govern the self-meeting Of simple viruses. This laid the foundations for A mannequin new Thoughts-set Regarding the molecular methods that regulate and drive all dwelling cells. These guidelines made it simple to characterize completely different viruses, After which to design strategies to fight them. The identical guidelines are additionally important in designing viral vectors to ship gene remedy.

Viruses typically Include a strand of genetic supplies — DNA or RNA — enclosed in a coat of protein molecules. Using the legal guidelines of thermodynamics and the constraints of symmetry, Caspar catalogued the strategies By which proteins can come collectively to type the icosahedral shells of spherical viruses (these embrace rhinovirus and poliovirus) and the helical lattices of rod-shaped viruses (Similar to Ebola).

Inside the mid-twentieth century, few protein constructions had been solved at atomic decision. Caspar used restricted knowledge from X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy and fibre diffraction to tease out options of prototypical viruses. With an artist’s eye, unbounded curiosity and a ardour for ‘connecting the dots’, he created beautiful sketches of virus constructions and membranes, which nonetheless grace the pages of many texts.

Caspar was born in 1927 in Ithaca, Ny, when his father was a graduate scholar in chemistry at Cornell College. When he was ten years previous, a househprevious good friend, the crystallographer Isidor Fankuchen, tprevious him of the current discovery that particles of the rod-shaped tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) had a semi-crystalline construction, suggesting that the virus comprised many comparable mannequins. This set him on a lifelong journey To know its construction And conduct. On the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn in NY …….