Filming wrapped yesterday for the third and final collection 🎥 💔

Author: Emma DicksonRevealed 6 hours in the past

Derry Women first burst onto our screens in 2018 with an utterly hilarious first script, that has captured the hearts of us all.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster with these girls – we’ve had weeping statues, lovely clergymen, flaming sambucas and rock the boat.

And Similar to that…filming for the third and final collection of Derry Women wrapped this week.

The prolonged-finaling forged shared emotional posts on social media final Evening time, saying goodbye to the characters that shot them to stardom.

Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan aka Clare Devlin posted a pic of a polaroid pic, that consists of her BFF Inside the current Orla McCool, with the caption: “Goodbye Derry Women, it’s been pretty a journey 🌈”

Creator and writer of the current Lisa McGee shared A school selfie, with the message “Last day Of school #DerryWomen.”

What Goes to happen in Derry Women season 3?

Nofactor has been confirmed simply but, by no implystheless one potential plot we see creating Might be between Erin Quinn and the ‘wee English fella’ James.

Star of the current Dylan Llewellyn took to TikTok A pair of months in the past, teasing us with a ‘will-they-Will not-they’ state of affairs. With over 2.3 million views it appears like we already ‘ship’ this unprobably pair 🤣

The distinctive Derry Woman Lisa McGee confirmed that this collection Can be the final. …….


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